Smoked Salmon Tacos

Friends and family have made these street tacos with great success. The different flavors, textures and temperatures work together really well.  There isn't much cooking. It's mostly cutting things up. It takes as long to explain what to do as it does to do it. So bear with me. 

First, Make Garry's Corn Salad. Heat grill and put three ears of corn on the grill with husk intact. Grill until the husk is burnt, about five minutes. Turn and do the other side and then remove and let cool. While the ears are cooling, dice about half a cup of red onion, one jalapeno and a cup of tomatoes (or use cherry tomatoes and cut them in half). The corn should have cooled by now. Remove the husks and the silk. Cut the kernels off the cobs into a large bowl. If they're still warm, stick the bowl in the freezer for five minutes. When cool, add the jalapeno and onion, salt and pepper and one tablespoon of mayo and mix. Then stir in the tomatoes. Now you've got the corn salad.

Next let's make a quick pickled radish. Cut ten radishes into little sticks. Heat 1/4 cup rice vinegar in small saucepan so it's warm but not boiling. Add a teaspoon of sugar and stir to dissolve. Remove the pan from the heat and add the radishes. Let them sit in the vinegar for ten minutes, then drain and refrigerate the radishes. 

Next, The secret sauce: mix 3 tablespoons of mayo with 2 teaspoons of Cholula sauce (it's like Tabasco, but milder). 

We're nearly done. Using 1/2 pound of smoked salmon, flake it or cut into a small dice. On a gas cooktop (or the outdoor grill), lightly grill some white corn tortillas on both sides until there are grill marks. If the tortillas are stiff, you cooked too much. You want them charred a bit, but still soft.

Now assemble the tacos. Spread a teaspoon or so of secret sauce down the middle of a tortilla. Add a couple of tablespoons of the salmon on top of the sauce. Now add a couple of tablespoons of corn salsa, then sprinkle some of the pickled radish. Finally, top it all with a bit of diced garden greens. Anything will do, from red leaf lettuce to mixed greens or arugula.

A helping is anywhere from two to four tacos.  Enjoy.