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this is my new book!  

You can purchase it on Amazon in print or Kindle formats.  Here's the LINK.

I'm very excited to announce the publication of my new book, Learning Yoga - The Beginner's Step by Step Guide.  It's available for purchase on The book describes a completely new way for beginners to learn yoga.  It begins with a series of simple Practices you perform to explore all the basic joints in the body and the movements your body is capable of.  From there, additional Practices allow the student to explore the three basic shapes which their body can take: straight, hinged at the hips and curved.  Building on the basic body shape, the book then leads the student through Practices that allow exploration of the ways their body can be positioned in space (upright, inverted, face-up, face-down and on the side) in the three basic body shapes.  Next, the student works through a series of Practices to understand how the basic shapes are modified by the position of the arms and legs and by twisting of the neck and torso.  With all this new-found information, the book finally leads the student through a series of yoga poses, beginning with poses based on the straight body shape, then moving to poses based on the hinged at the hips shape and then the curved shape.  The book illustrates each step in the process with nearly 120 photographs, making it all very easy to follow.