My Favorite Omelet of All Time

It's spring and I thought I'd make a spring meal. The chives in the garden are amazing. So I used them three ways in a simple omelet. Omelets are easy and there are a million ways to make them.  


Two eggs

3 thin slices of Black Forrest ham

2 ounces triple cream Cambozola cheese

Tomatoes from the garden, diced

Half a sweet onion, like Vidalia, sliced into rings, about 1/4 inch wide

Fresh chives and a chive blossom 


Start by whisking the eggs with some salt and pepper and chopped chive.  Carmelize the onions by cooking on medium in a couple of teaspoons of butter.  This will take 20 minutes or so and you want the onions to have a deep brown color, but not be burnt.  Remove the onions and reserve.  Heat a non-stick saute pan (or clean and cool the one you used for the onions), on LOW heat.  Too high and the eggs will brown and get rubbery.  Add a little olive oil and pour the eggs in the pan and cover until they begin to set up but aren't cooked through.  Add juliened Black Forest ham, onions and Cambozola, which melts beautifully and tastes unbelievably good.  Turn off the heat and fold the egg over the top of the filings, cover and let sit for another couple of minutes.   That's pretty much it.  Turn the omelet out to a plate and garnish with quartered red and yellow cherry tomatoes, more diced chive and top with a fresh chive blossom, which is edible and tastes like a mild onion.  A yummy Sunday breakfast.